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My life in Russia: Ramnik Kohli from New Dehli

Russia turned out to be a completely new world for Ramnik Kohli.
By Alexey Mosko, Ilaria Kantorova, RIR

"The weather was new to me, I'd never even seen snow before." For Ramnik Kohli from New Dehli, India, Russia turned out to be a completely new world.

He first came to Russia in 1997 to study at the State University of Management in Moscow after he got a scholarship from the Russian government. Having completed his PhD in economics and marketing in 2007, Ramnik returned to India only to come back to Moscow in 2013 — this time as head of the Russia and CIS branch of Micromax Infomatics Ltd, an Indian producer of mobile phones.

Since then Russia has become his second home. He has a wide circle of friends in Moscow and has traveled to almost every corner of the country. For Ramnik, the Russian soul is no longer a sealed book: "Russians take some time to open up. And smile a bit less. But when people get to know you, they start smiling."

22 November 2016
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