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Admiral Grigorovich guided missile stealth frigate

Two frigates of the Admiral Grigorovich-class will be exported to India and two more will be built in India for the Indian Navy.
By Boris Egorov, RIR

Russia's Ministry of Defence

The Admiral Grigorovich (Project 11356) frigate of the Black Sea Fleet is based on the Talwar-class frigate. 

The Admiral Grigorovich-class incorporates a stealthy hull design. The hull and superstructures were designed to have low radar, acoustic and infrared signatures.

The frigate features a flight deck at aft to carry a Ka-28 or a Ka-31 helicopter.

Admiral Grigorovich measures 124.8m in overall length and 15.2m in width, and can complement a crew of 220.

The frigate is armed with the Club-N anti-ship missile system. The missiles are launched by eight-cell 3S-14E under-deck launcher complemented by 3R-14N-11356 fire control system and 3C-25E acquisition radar.

India operates six Talwar-class frigates, which are the Project 11356 predecessors developed for exports. 

According to a deal signed at the Russia-India summit in Goa in October 2016, 2 frigates of the Admiral Grigorovich class will be exported to India and 2 more will be built in India for the Indian Navy.

Video provided by the Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation.

19 October 2016
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