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Digital drawing: no canvas or paints needed

Here’s a small selection from the portfolio of 19 year-old master of digital drawing Artyom Artyakov, nicknamed Sylar113.
By Vladimir Stakheev, RIR

Editor - Stakheev Vladimir, photos - Artyom Artyakov, music - ARTSomerville

Contrary to popular belief, digital drawing is not the manipulation of an already existing photograph or painting. Indeed you can draw from scratch on a computer and produce original, genuine, hand-made art. There are images known as Giclees that are made by scanning an art piece that was created in a different medium. However, these are not an example of digital drawing, because the original medium is not a digital file.

Digital drawing and digital painting have become an increasingly popular trend as the price of the required tools decreases.  Digital drawing pads, also known as a graphics tablet, used to be such an expensive luxury, that even budding artists couldn't afford one. Now, it is commonly used by graphic designers, artists, architects, engineers, and even people who digitally paint for a hobby. 

10 November 2014
Tags: russia, art, culture

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