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Russian Knights: Showcasing the best of Russian aerobatics

The Russian Air Force’s demonstration team uses actual combat aircraft.
By Boris Egorov
Knights 1
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Russian Knights (Русские витязи in Russian) is an aerobatic demonstration team of the Russian Air Force.
Knights 2

The team was founded in 1991 just before the demise of the Soviet Union.
Knights 3

The Knights’ first show outside the USSR was held in Britain.
Knights 4

The aerobatic team is based at the Kubinka Air Base in the Moscow Region.
Knights 5

Russian Knights normally fly on Su-27 jets. They flew Su-30SM fighter jets for the first time to perform stunts at the LIMA 2017 aerospace show in Malaysia on Mar. 21, 2017.
Knights 6

The Russian Knights are one of the few aerobatic teams in the world that fly aircraft that completely retain combat capabilities.
Knights 7

The Knights represented the Russian Air Force in France, the U.S., China, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Norway, Luxembourg, Belgium, the United Arab Emirates and Malaysia among other countries.
23 March 2017
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