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A-50: Russian AWACS plane that guards India’s skies

The Indian Air Force operates three A-50s and bought two more this year.
By Boris Egorov
A-50 1
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The Beriev A-50 is an airborne early warning and control (AWACS) aircraft based on the Il-76 transport jet.
A-50 2

A-50 is used for detection and tracking of air targets and surface ships and alerting military command of air and surface threats.
A-50 3

The plane can also serve as an airborne command post controlling up to 10 fighter aircraft.
A-50 4

Currently, the Indian Air Force (IAF) operates 3 A-50 planes.
A-50 5

At the Aero India-2017 air show in February 2017, Russia and India signed a contract for the supply of two more A-50EI (an upgraded version of the A-50) aircraft.
A-50 6

The Russian Air Force operates 26 A-50 planes. Several take part in the Russia’s operation in Syria.

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