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Russian, Belarusian Airborne Troops conduct joint exercises

The servicemen used airborne vehicles, artillery systems and howitzers.
By Boris Egorov
Rus Belarus drills 1
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Units of the Russian and Belarusian Airborne Troops held joint tactical exercises in the Pskov region.
Rus Belarus drills 2

The exercises were held from Feb. 28 to Mar 4.
Rus Belarus drills 3

More than 100 paratroopers of the Belarusian Special Operations Forces (SOF) took part in the exercise.
Rus Belarus drills 4

About 190 units of armoured and automotive vehicles, 12 aircraft and helicopters were involved in the exercise.
Rus Belarus drills 5

Russian and Belarusian servicemen used BMD-2KU airborne vehicles, 2S9 Nona-S artillery systems and D-30 howitzers.
Rus Belarus drills 6

Fire support was provided by the Grad multiple rocket launchers.
Rus Belarus drills 7

The troops held a successful mock assault action for the destruction of advanced enemy units.
Rus Belarus drills 8

Russian and Belarusian military personnel learned to jointly use the airborne divisions in assault operations.
Rus Belarus drills 9

The Russian and Belarusian Armed Forces organize joint exercises on regular basis.
6 March 2017
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