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Protecting the capital: 5th S-400 unit enters combat duty near Moscow

Nine regiments with the system will be deployed in the Moscow Region.
By Boris Egorov
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A fifth air defence regiment equipped with the S-400 Triumf missile system was deployed in the Moscow Region in the late February.
S-400 2

The regiments are tasked with protecting Moscow and parts of central Russia.
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According to Russia’s Ministry of Defence, a total of nine S-400 missile units will be deployed in the Moscow Region.
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The S-400 Triumf is a Russian long and medium-range air-defence missile system.
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It is designed to provide complete air defence, against all air attacks, at distances of up to 400 km.
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India is buying five S-400 units for $6 billion. An intergovernmental agreement on the sale of the S-400 was signed at the 17th India-Russia summit between Vladimir Putin and Narendra Modi.
27 February 2017
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