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Demining liberated Aleppo

Russian Armed Forces continue demining operations in the Syrian city of Aleppo. They are also restoring utilities and delivering humanitarian aid to the local population.
By Boris Egorov
Demining Aleppo 1
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Russian sappers are continuing to clear the liberated Syrian city of Aleppo of booby traps, mines and weapons.
Demining Aleppo 2

The sappers have cleared more than 1000 hectares and 2100 buildings.
Demining Aleppo 3

The cleared buildings included schools, mosques, hospitals and other civilian infrastructure.
Demining Aleppo 4

About 14,700 explosive devices were defused, including over 6,700 improvised explosive devices.
Demining Aleppo 5

The weapons discovered in stockpiles ranged from small arms rounds and hand grenades all the way up to rockets meant for multiple-rocket launchers.
Demining Aleppo 6

Recovered explosives trace their origins to various parts of the world, including the U.S. and Germany.
Demining Aleppo 7

The Russian military also helps with deliveries of humanitarian aid and restoring utilities.
Demining Aleppo 8

Syrian rebels captured eastern Aleppo in 2012.
Demining Aleppo 9

Militants opposing the Syrian government were forced to leave eastern Aleppo after Damascus with allies conducted a successful offensive operation in the city in the second half of 2016.
Demining Aleppo 10

Constant fighting finally ended in the city in December 2016. Aleppo had been divided into government-held and rebel-held parts for years.
10 January 2017
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