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Indra Navy 2016 exercise

The Indian side commanded the exercises this year.
By Boris Egorov, RIR
Indra Navy 1
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India-Russia Indra Navy 2016 drills were held in the Bay of Bengal on December 14-21.
Indra Navy 2

Some 500 servicemen were engaged in the drills.
Indra Navy 3

The drills involved ship-based helicopters.
Indra Navy 4

The Indian side commanded the exercises.
Indra Navy 5

The squadron of the Russian Pacific Fleet included the large anti-submarine ship Admiral Tributs and the Boris Butom tanker ship.
Indra Navy 6

The Indian Navy was represented by INS Ranvir a guided missile destroyer, INS Satpura an indigenous frigate and INS Kamorta an indigenous Anti-Submarine Warfare (ASW) corvette.
Indra Navy 7

In the course of the drills, the participants fired reactive depth charges at a simulated enemy submarine in the Bay of Bengal.
Indra Navy 8

The first joint Russian-Indian naval drills were held in 2003.
Indra Navy 9

The joint naval exercises were also held in 2005, 2007, 2014 and 2015.
Indra Navy 10

The official ceremony and debriefing took place on board of Indian INS Satpura frigate.
26 December 2016
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