Photo of the day - 17 November 2016
Winter Swimming Club 18 November 2016 family traditional reindeer herding camp 17 November 2016 Expedition 50/51 16 November 2016 Finland's Joulupukki arrives in Yekaterinburg, Russia 15 November 2016 Supermoon 14 November 2016 Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev, left, kisses a crucifix 10 November 2016 Storm on Lake Onega in Petrozavodsk 9 November 2016 the military parade at Red Square 7 November 2016 Winter in Tomsk region 2 November 2016
Winter swimming Expedition 50/51 to ISS

Reindeer herding camp

family traditional reindeer herding camp


Margarita Moltanova, 5, plays with reindeers in the family traditional reindeer herding camp in Russia's northern Yamal Region. The indigenous reindeer herders in Russia’s northern Yamal Region, a remote section of Siberia where winter temperatures can sink below minus 50 degrees Celsius, are facing a man-made threat as officials push ahead with an unprecedented culling that calls for at least one in seven of the Yamal’s reindeer to be slaughtered.

17 November 2016
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