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What have the Russian Armed Forces received in 2015? When Russia established diplomatic ties with Asian countries

How is Russia keeping its planes safe in the Syrian skies?

The S-400 Triumph to provide more effective protection for Russian planes.
By Alena Repkina, specially for RIR
syria infographics


The S-400 Triumph anti-aircraft missile system has been stationed at the Khmeimim Russian airbase in Latakia, Syria, to provide more effective protection for the area in which the Russian air force is carrying out airstrikes. Now Russia has a modern articulated anti-aircraft defense system in Syria that functions at a distance of 12 to 250 miles and at an altitude of 10,000 to 98,000 feet. This RIR infographic shows how Russia is guaranteeing security for its planes in Syria.

12 December 2015
Tags: syria, s-400, air force

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