BrahMos missiles may be supplied to third countries

30 January 2017 Anushka Sethi
Potential clients include Vietnam, Chile, South Africa and the UAE.
Vietnam is looking at India to supply the BrahMos missiles to meet its immediate requirement. Source: Boris Egorov / RIR
The idea of exporting BrahMos missiles to third countries was discussed in 2016. Source: RIR

BrahMos missiles, which are jointly produced by Russia and India, may be supplied to third countries, Alexander Leonov, Chief Executive and General Designer of the Machine-Building Research and Development Consortium told TASS on Jan. 27.

According to Leonov, delivery to third countries was constrained by the fact that the Indian Army had bought most of the missiles. He added that delivery to third countries would be possible with an increase in manufacturing capacity for the venture.

The idea of exporting BrahMos missiles to third countries was already discussed in 2016. Potential clients include the UAE, Vietnam, South Africa and Chile.

Alexander Leonov confirmed plans to increase the range of the missile. Media reports in early January indicated that the range of the BrahMos missile was likely to be increased from 300 to 600 km. According to Leonov, the implementation will take two to three years. 

Leonov also spoke about the development of a lightweight version of the BrahMos missile, which can be installed on the torpedo tubes of submarines and the fifth generation fighter aircraft (FGFA). Installation is also possible on the MiG-35, but a study needs to be conducted for this, Leonov said.

BrahMos missiles are designed and produced by the Indian-Russian Joint Venture BrahMos Aerospace. It was formed in 1998 by India’s Defense Research and Development Organization and Russia’s NPO Mashinostroyenia. 

BrahMos Aerospace is exhibiting naval and land variants of BrahMos system, which have been inducted in the Indian Army and Navy.

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