Krylov centre awaits order to develop aircraft carrier from India

12 September 2016 TASS
The Krylov Centre, which has prepared a conceptual design for the ‘Storm,’ is waiting for a nod from India to begin work on a new aircraft carrier for the Indian Navy.
Indian aircraft carriers at International Fleet Review 2016
The company had developed a conceptual design of the 23000E "Storm" aircraft carrier. Source:International Fleet Review 2016

The Krylov State Research Centre is expecting to receive an order for development of a new aircraft carrier for the Indian Navy, Yuri Eremin, Head of Department for development of the military-technical cooperation centre told Tass at the "Army 2016" forum.

He said the company had developed a conceptual design of the 23000E "Storm" aircraft carrier. The ship’s displacement would be around 95 thousand tons; the aviation group will comprise 65 aircraft. The power plant could be nuclear. Additionally, two parachute ejector mechanisms are provided on the ship.

"India and China act as possible foreign partners on this ship. Primarily it is India and we hope that they will order their third aircraft carrier from us, and there are certain grounds for that," said Eremin.

He said experts at the Krylov Centre held a presentation of the "Storm" for the Indian Navy’s Commanders in India.

"The Indian customers certainly have an interest in it," said Eremin.

If the project is approved, the Neva Design Bureau is likely to be involved in the project, Eremin said.

The Neva Design Bureau is already working with India for servicing of the "Vikramaditya" aircraft carrier (the former "Admiral Gorshkov") and to build the "Vikrant" aircraft carrier.

It was reported earlier that work on the new aircraft carrier, named "Vishal", started in India in 2012. It is expected that its displacement will be 65 thousand tons (compared to 40 thousand tons in "Vikrant"). The ship can be fitted with a nuclear power plant.

First published in Russian by TASS.

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