Russia’s Group-IB to fight cybercrime in India

14 February 2017 Mikhail Nekrasov
The privately held company plans to start a joint venture in India.
New virus for government
Cybersecurity stands as a threat at the highest levels of industry and finance. Source: Panthermedia / Vostock-photo Source:Panthermedia / Vostock-photo

Russian company Group-IB, which specializes in investigating cybercrime, will enter the Indian market by forming a joint venture (JV) in the country, the Rambler News Service website reports.

Group-IB head Ilya Sachkov told the website that the JV should be opened by April 2017. He, however, refused to name the partner until the contract was signed.

The JV will work for private sector companies, Sachkov added.

Group-IB was founded in 2003. Among its customers are financial institutions, industrial corporations, energy industry companies, producers of digital content and IT companies.

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