Vinay Shukla

The Flying Troika

After working as a correspondent for India's two biggest wire services in Moscow for over two stormy and fateful decades – from Perestroika to Putin – Vinay Shukla has covered the fall of Iron Curtain, end of an 'Evil Empire', end of the Cold War with signing of German reunification act, Anti-Gorbachev coup in August 1991, which proved the last nail in the coffin of USSR. Crisis in post-Soviet Russia, tank-bombardment of the country's first democratically elected parliament, bloody wars in Chechnya and terror strikes in Moscow and bouncing back of Russia under Putin. Now, thanks to internet access, he is a migratory journalist and analyst and reaps the best of the two countries – beautiful Russian summer and colourful festive season of India from Diwali to Holi. He believes that inherent strength of a nation is in its people, to feel it go out of the capital. After extensively visiting Russian hinterland by self driven car Vinay's favourite saying is: Moscow is not Russia. In 2013 summer Vinay is celebrating 50-years of his obsession with Russia and 45-years of his first arrival in Moscow.
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