New Delhi’s Russian centre marks Valentina Tereshkova’s birthday

7 March 2017 Anushka Sethi
A photo exhibition and film screening were held at the RCSC on Mar. 6.
RCSC tereshkova
A lamp was lit to launch the function dedicated to Valentina Tereshkova. Source: RCSC

The Russian Centre of Science and Culture  (RCSC) in New Delhi, on Mar. 6, marked the 80th birthday of Valentina Tereshkova, the world’s first woman cosmonaut.

The function comprised of a photo exhibition titled ‘Valentina Tereshkova-the World’s Legend’ and the screening of a documentary film titled ‘Flight for Ever.’

Tereshkova made history on June 16, 1963 when the Vostok-6 spacecraft, which was manned by her, was launched into orbit.

Russian culture centres across India will hold events dedicated to Tereshkova in March.  

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