India approves youth exchange MoU with Russia

19 January 2017 Alexander Korablinov
India’s Union Cabinet assures transparency in selection procedures.
The ATO, established in 1989, has a team comprising young authors, film-makers, artists and creative people from different areas. Source: RCSC
India will also witness more youth performances from Russia. Source: RCSC

Looking to improve people-to-people contact between young Indians and Russians, the India’s Union Cabinet, on Jan. 18, approved a memorandum of understanding on youth exchange programmes with Russia.

“Exchange programmes in the field of youth affairs between India and Russia will help in promoting exchange of ideas, values and culture amongst youth through establishment of people-to-people contacts and in consolidating friendly relations between the two countries,” the Indian government said in a press release.

“The selections for participation in exchange programmes shall be done in an objective and transparent manner and the outcomes of the programmes under the Memorandum of Understanding shall be open for public scrutiny,” the government added.

Previous Indian governments have been accused of favouritism when it comes to grants, scholarships and foreign trips associated with youth exchange programmes.

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