Nidhi Balachandran

Letter home from Russia

The author is a linguist, translator and journalist, who knows English, Hindi, French, and is trained to teach Russian as a foreign language. Now based in Moscow, she is doing research on cultural interpretation in cross-cultural communication. Nidhi worked in the corporate sector in liaison and public relations, when her love for languages and culture brought her to Moscow. A Russophile; she loves all things Russian; from ‘kvas’ (fermented drink) to ‘ukrop’ (dill leaves) seasoning. Given her smooth transition to life in Moscow, Nidhi is convinced Russia is her motherland from a previous life. Making the trans-Siberian train journey, she came to realize the truth in the Russian adage that the road to Russia from Moscow is a long one. Russia is topographically and culturally diverse just as India is and to put together the larger picture one must carefully collect and assemble all the smaller pieces of the jigsaw. She has made various guest appearances on Russian TV. Nidhi enjoys cooking, swimming, golfing, traveling and scuba diving, besides putting her thoughts to paper.
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