Partner Newspapers

The New York Times

The New York Times is an American daily newspaper founded and continuously published in New York City since 1851. It has the most popular website of any American newspaper, receiving more than 30 million unique visitors per month. The New York Times is a unit of The New York Times Company – a leading global multimedia news and information company.

Circulation — 877 000. Readership — 2 560 840.
The Washington Post

The Washington Post is the most widely circulated newspaper published in Washington, D.C., and oldest extant in the area, founded in 1877. Located in the capital city of the United States, The Post has a particular emphasis on national politics.

Circulation — 624 000. Readership — 1 441 900.
The Daily Telegraph

The Daily Telegraph is a daily morning broadsheet newspaper distributed throughout the United Kingdom and internationally. It covers the UK's daily news, sports, weather, arts, money, stocks and more.

Circulation — 700 000. Readership — 1 800 833.
Le Figaro

Le Figaro is a French daily newspaper founded in 1826 and published in Paris. Le Figaro is the second-largest national newspaper in France. It is one of the three French newspapers of record, along with social-liberal papers Le Monde and Libération, and is the oldest newspaper in France currently in existence. In 2010, created a section called Le Figaro in English, which provides the global English-speaking community with daily content from Le Figaro's website.

Circulation — 315 000. Readership — 1 228 000.
La Repubblica

La Repubblica is an Italian daily general-interest newspaper founded in 1976 by journalist Eugenio Scalfari in Rome. As of 2008, it has the second-largest circulation of any Italian newspaper.

Circulation — 330 000. Readership — 601 000.

Handelsblatt is the leading business and finance newspaper for decision makers in Germany. The newspaper is renowned for its topicality, reliability and objectivity. With its solid reports on future trends and new technologies, Handelsblatt delivers crucial insights for successful engagement in today’s constantly changing business environment.

Circulation — 130 000. Readership — 475 000.
Le Soir

Le Soir is the most popular French-language Berliner Format newspaper in Belgium. It is considered a newspaper of record and was founded in 1887 by Emile Rossel.

Circulation — 97 000. Readership — 484 100.
European Voice

European Voice is an English language newspaper owned by The Economist Group. Both through its weekly newspaper and website, which is updated daily, European Voice brings independent and authoritative coverage of the latest EU news and analysis.

Circulation — 19 000. Readership — 38 000.
The Economic Times

The Economic Times is India's largest (2nd largest globally) financial English language daily. It focuses on the Indian economy, international finance, share and commodity prices and finance. The newspaper belongs to The Times Group, the largest media and entertainment publishing house in India.

Circulation — 380 000. Readership — 899 470.
The Yomiuri Shimbun

The Yomiuri Shimbun is a Japanese newspaper with a daily circulation of 13.5 million (morning and evening editions combined). It reaches all socioeconomic groups in Japan. It has a 137 year history and has 378 offices around the world. The paper has won numerous awards for printing excellence.

Circulation — 10 000 000. Readership — 26 000 000.
South China Morning Post

The South China Morning Post (aka SCMP) is an English-language Hong Kong newspaper, published by the SCMP Group. It has the higher readership among Hong Kong business elites.

Circulation — 102 000. Readership — 376 000.

Duma is one of the ten most influential Bulgarian newspapers currently shaping public opinion. The paper focuses on culture, education, and social policy, while devoting special attention to international politics.

Circulation — 15 000. Readership — 70 024.
La Nacion

La Nación is an Argentine daily newspaper. It is the country's leading conservative paper and the only newspaper in Argentina still published in broadsheet format.

Circulation — 137 000.
El País

El País is a leading Spanish national daily newspaper owned by the Spanish media conglomerate PRISA, currently controlled by Phoenix Group, one of the largest providers of insurance services in the UK. It has the largest circulation among non-sports newspapers in Spain, providing a lot of attention to international news.

Circulation — 390 000. Readership — 1 924 000.
Folha de S. Paulo

Folha de S. Paulo is a Brazilian daily newspaper founded in São Paulo in 1921. It has had the largest circulation of any Brazilian newspaper since 1986. Folha is considered one of the most influential newspapers in the country.

Circulation — 200 000. Readership —708 000.

Geopolitika is an independent analytical magazine which comments on important political and social issues and conducts its own geopolitical and strategic research. The magazine publishes reviews and interviews with well known figures and experts from Serbia and around the world.

Circulation — 16 000. Readership — 56 640.
El Observador

El Observador is an Uruguayan daily broadsheet newspaper founded in 1991 and published in Montevideo. The newspaper covers a wide variety of topics: politics, economics, society, culture, etc. While the latest news is reported on the paper’s website,, more analytical materials can be found in the paper’s Saturday edition.

Circulation — 20 000. Readership — 70 800.


Media Partners

RIA Novosti

RIA Novosti is Russia's leading news agency in terms of web audience and presence in the national media. Its integrated multimedia newsroom and vast reporters’ network spanning 45 countries allow RIA Novosti to deliver news and information in many formats, including video, animated infographics and cartoons, to professional clients and ordinary readers in 14 languages. RIA Novosti has proven expertise in creating tailored interactive news & information services for mobile operators and content providers.

Russia Profile

Russia Profile is an English-language information service and community platform consisting of a daily-updated website and a quarterly special report, geared toward a wide range of readers with a professional interest in Russia. The company’s goal is to offer the most comprehensive and concise view of business, economic, political and cultural trends and processes underway in Russia.


Kommersant is one of the largest publishing houses in Russia and in the top five by turnover. Its national daily of the same name includes 16 pages of high quality and up-to-date information on global and Russian businesses, finance, economics, politics, society, culture, sports, weather and analysis. Kommersant is one of the most authoritative and influential Russian publications for decision makers. Since 2009, Kommersant newspaper has been printed and distributed in the United Kingdom.


RT is a global multilingual television news network. Originally launched in 2005, the RT network now consists of three global news channels broadcasting in English, Spanish and Arabic, RT America broadcasting from RT’s Washington studio and a documentary Channel called RTDoc. With a global reach of over 430 million people, or 22% of all cable subscribers worldwide, RT news covers the major issues of our time for viewers wishing to question more.

Russian Travel Guide TV

Russian Travel Guide TV is an international documentary television channel focused on the cultural and geographical variety of the world's largest country. RTG TV broadcasts wholly-owned, high-quality content in both English and Russian. Through engaging documentary films, RTG TV gives a wider perspective on Russian history, culture, cuisine, nature and open-air adventures. With never-before-seen documentaries available only on RTG TV, viewers can take part in challenging breakthroughs in the discovery of unexplored locations.

Just Russia

Just Russia has been published since 2001 by the Russian Union of Travel Industry, Russia’s largest tourism business association that represents over 1000 tour operators, hotels, resorts, transportation companies, insurance providers, educational institutions, regional tourism associations and administrative bodies and media outlets. The purpose of the publishing project Just Russia is to present Russia as an exciting place with many attractions for tourists.

The Voice of Russia was the first radio station to broadcast internationally. On the air since October 29th 1929, VOR has been shaping Russia’s image worldwide and introducing Russia to the world and highlighting its opinions on global events. Today VOR broadcasts to 160 countries in 38 languages for a total of 151 hours per day, on short and medium waves, in the FM band, via satellite and through a global mobile communications network.

To Russia with Ease

To Russia with Ease — is the resource of free and up-to-date information about Russia. It offers basic information about Russia, Moscow and St. Petersburg, travel services, a directory for cultural and educational exchange organizations, safety tips, Russia in brief review, business opportunities, plus a listing of business associations.

Russia Profile

BIZINSIDER is a for-profit online resource of up-to-date, clear and reliable information on Russian business practices. The resource is aimed at foreign business audiences interested in doing business in Russia.


Other Partners

Russkiy Mir Foundation

In June 2007 President Putin signed a decree establishing the Russkiy Mir Foundation for the purpose of “promoting the Russian language, as Russia's national heritage and a significant aspect of Russian and world culture, and supporting Russian language teaching programs abroad.” The Foundation is a joint project of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Education and Science and supported by both public and private funds. News and information from Russia and the CIS in Romanian.

Russian Society in Cambridge

Russian Society in Cambridge was established in 2001 in order to promote and represent a forum for cultural exchange, as well as discussion and exchange of other information amongst students and professors from different parts of the Russian Federation and former USSR Republics and other members at the University interested in issues connected with Russia.

Oxford University Russian Society

The Oxford University Russian Society was founded in 1909 in order to promote links between Russia and the University. A hundred years onwards, the Society continues to espouse the same values, supporting Russian students and promoting Russian culture within the University and the local community.

The Scotland-Russia Forum

The Scotland-Russia Forum was established in order to promote interest in Russia and its neighbors in order to improve understanding of those countries in Scotland. The SRF is an independent Scottish charity founded in February 2003 and run by volunteers.

Academia Rossica

Academia Rossica has been building cultural relations and establishing an artistic synthesis between Russia and the West for over a decade. As a London-based arts organisation, Academia Rossica has pioneered inter-cultural projects in every field; from contemporary art and music to literature and film. Acting as a central anchor for those interested in Russian culture in the UK, Academia Rossica has been pivotal in making Russia closer and more inviting, as a place or even an ethos, for many of its members and supporters.

Pushkin House

Pushkin House has been established to serve as a home and dedicated showcase for Russian culture in London, a focus for Anglo-Russian cultural exchange, a provider of education and information on Russian language and culture, a resource and networking center for individuals and institutions.


GLAZ company was established in February 2009 in London in order to promote film and multimedia, bringing together the traditions of the past with cutting-edge tendencies in creative technologies. GLAZ organizes film retrospectives, multimedia performances and exhibitions, accompanied by workshops and discussions with artists and scholars.

The Russian Centre of Science and Culture

The Russian Centre of Science and Culture (RCSC) in New Delhi is a Representative office of the Federal Agency for Commonwealth of Independent States, Compatriots Living Abroad and International Humanitarian Cooperation (ROSSOTRUDNICHESTVO) in India. The RCSC organizes different programmes for the citizens of Delhi and guests of the Indian capital. Programmes of the RCSC are dedicated to the achievements of Russian culture and science. Among them there are literary and poetic evenings, meetings with artists, painting exhibitions, book-exhibitions, photo-exhibitions, concerts, performances and gala-functions, presentations, conferences, seminars, discussions.

The Trade Representation of the Russian Federation in India

The Trade Representation of the Russian Federation in India is a state body ensuring foreign economic interests of the Russian Federation. The Trade Representation is part of the Diplomatic Mission of the Russian Federation in India and acts under political guidance of the Ambassador of the Russian Federation in India.

The Russian International Affairs Council

The Russian International Affairs Council (RIAC) is a non-profit community consisting of Russian diplomats, scholars, businessmen, journalists and state officials, involved in international and global interactions. RIAC's mission is to promote the prosperity of Russia via its integration into the global arena, while identifying Russia's opportunities and responsibilities in the international environment.

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