Russia plans to create 20 frontier posts in the Arctic region, the country’s Border Guard Service chief Vladimir Pronichev said on Monday.


The aim is to take better control of Russia’s northern borders and the Northern Sea Route, Pronichev said.


He added that border guards will keep a watchful eye on the situation in the Arctic and take part in rescue operations, if necessary.

The head of the Federal Security Service's (FSB) border service, Vladimir Pronichev, said the new posts are part of larger plans for the North Sea Route that include nine rescue centers for the Emergency Situations Minister and Ministry of Transportation.
Pronichev admitted "at first glance" there seems to be no need for border posts in the remote northern regions of Russia. But he said that in recent years there have been incidents when "foreign tourists" ventured into Russia's northern waters without permission and unprepared for the conditions there and needed rescue.

He also said "scientific expeditions" carry out exploration there without official permission.

Melting ice and technological improvements have opened new possibilities for developing hydrocarbon deposits in the Arctic, where some believe 25 percent of the world's oil and gas is located.