France refuses to deliver Mistrals

France refuses to deliver Mistrals

November 28, 2014 Polina Matveyeva, Alexander Bratersky,

Military experts believe that Russia will never see the ships. An international arbitration court will review the issue of compensation, which may be less than Moscow thinks.

“Cultural Passport” for tourists launched in Moscow

“Cultural Passport” for tourists launched in Moscow

November 27, 2014 Anna Veklich, specially for RIR

A new pass known as the “cultural passport” will allow tourists to save up to 80 percent off the original price of tickets to museums and exhibitions in the Russian capital

Russia to build comprehensive defence system to stem cyber attacks

Russia to build comprehensive defence system to stem cyber attacks

November 27, 2014 Sergei Ptichkin, specially for RIR

The government will review a law on critical information infrastructure that would enable the country to build a comprehensive defence system against cyber attacks. Igor Sheremet, a co-author of the bill and board chairman of the Governmental Military-Industrial Commission, talks about the initiative.


UNESCO to shut down Moscow office next year

November 23, 2014 Marina Obrazkova, RIR

The decision was made in 2008 and is related principally to financial issues, according to the head of Russia's permanent delegation to the organization.

Independent media under increasing pressure

November 17, 2014 Sam Skove, specially for RIR

Even as some Russian state-owned media aimed at a foreign audience have gained a larger bullhorn, many well-respected independent media outlets within the country have found themselves increasingly up against the ropes.

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Karma Bhoomi

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Russian flavours

Education in Russia

Education in Russia

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Business Beat

Symantec warns of Regin malware threat

Symantec warns of Regin malware threat

November 27, 2014 Galiya Ibragimova, RIR

The American company anti-virus software developer has deemed the Regin virus to be a serious cyber threat for Russia and suggested that a government stands behind the malware.

Russia looks to halt slide in oil prices

November 26, 2014 Anna Kuchma, RIR

One potential step, proposed by Energy Minister Alexander Novak, is to cut production. However, he noted that the authorities have yet to make a decision on the matter.

Memorial under growing pressure from authorities

Memorial under growing pressure from authorities

November 25, 2014 Oleg Egorov, specially for RIR

Russia's supreme court is preparing to examine the lawsuit filed by the Ministry of Justice requesting to liquidate Memorial, the country's first organization dedicated to preserving the memory of Stalin's repressions and victims.

Russia launches new media outlet called Sputnik

November 18, 2014 Galiya Ibragimova, RIR

The international mass media have downplayed Sputnik as an attempt by the Kremlin to upgrade and expand the propaganda machine that was put in high gear as the Ukrainian crisis broke out.

Wildlife experts unhappy with Far East tiger rehabilitation

November 18, 2014 Gleb Fedorov, RIR

Under a special presidential program in the Russian Far East, rare Amur tiger cubs are rehabilitated and released back into the wild. However local WWF specialists argue that a different approach is required to successfully rear tigers.

Helping students understand Russian

November 6, 2014 Gleb Fedorov, RIR

RIR asked the best Russian language teachers abroad about their methodologies. They compare nouns to cats, infinitives to flour and even take their students to the bathhouse to drink mead

Reason to get your knickers in a twist

Reason to get your knickers in a twist

Russia banned the production and sale of several types of laced undergarments. RIR recalls the complex relationship Soviet people had with underwear and explains just what is harmful about the now-forbidden synthetic garments.

Natural delights around Omsk

Natural delights around Omsk

November 13, 2014 Alberto Caspani, specially for RIR

Intrepid travellers are blessed with many options in remote locations such as healing waters, dead lakes and Cossack sites

White stone churches of Kargopol

November 10, 2014 William Brumfield, specially for RIR

This region in the Russian north was known for its salt wealth, which funded the construction of Kargopol's unique shrines

Lucky spots for tourists in Russia

October 30, 2014 Darya Kezina, specially for RIR

Looking for success, happiness or love? RIR compiles a list of places in Russia that are known to bring good fortune in these areas


Luzhnki arena to host rising stars of skating

November 16, 2014 James Ellingworth, specially for RIR

Russia’s first major post-Olympic figure skating competition may lack big names of the present, but it could be the perfect breeding ground for stars of the future

Sochi still adjusting to life after Olympics

November 14, 2014 James Ellingworth, specially for RIR

Have the Winter Olympics organizers left a substantial enough legacy to guarantee the city’s place as one of the country’s key venues for winter sports?

When the Ramayana hit the Russian stage

When the Ramayana hit the Russian stage

November 26, 2014 Ajay Kamalakaran

In 1960, Moscow’s Children Theatre staged the Indian epic in front of an enthusiastic audience. For decades, Gennady Pechnikov played the role of Lord Rama

Winter tales from the Russian Far East

November 23, 2014 Ajay Kamalakaran

Seeing flying minibuses, dodging avalanches, being trapped indoors for 3 days and fishing on frozen lakes and the sea are some of the experiences that come with spending long and extreme winters in the Russian Far East

Competing with American soft power in India

November 18, 2014 Ajay Kamalakaran

Russia’s appeal among the Indian public is limited to the intellectual elite and those with nostalgia for the golden age of socialism. The time has come to reach out a wider set of Indians

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