Ukraine gas talks hit stumbling block

Ukraine gas talks hit stumbling block

October 24, 2014 Yury Barsukov, Oleg Gavrish, Kommersant

Russia and Ukraine have once again failed to agree on the resumption of gas supplies, after Gazprom dismissed an EU proposal for a European intermediary be introduced to the supply chain to manage payments

Fiction may distort realities of Russia

Fiction may distort realities of Russia

October 24, 2014 Vladimir Kozlov, specially for RIR

Olga Panova, a professor at the Moscow State University believes that foreign authors have tended to focus too much on "North Eastern exoticism" while approaching Russian history and culture

Mutual degree recognition agreement with India to be signed by December

Mutual degree recognition agreement with India to be signed by December

October 24, 2014 Alessandro Belli, specially for RIR

Alexander Povalko, Russia’s deputy minister of education and science, talked to RIR about plans to sign an agreement with India on reciprocal recognition of university degrees and about what he considers to be promising bilateral cooperative projects

Who can come to the rescue of Russia’s oil industry?

Who can come to the rescue of Russia’s oil industry?

October 23, 2014 Timofey Dzyadko, Lyudmila Podobedova, RBC Daily

Russia will have to look to India, China and South Korea for equipment that it cannot import from the West, due to sanctions. Russian oil companies are already holding talks with new suppliers

Number of

Number of "foreign agent" NGOs grows

October 22, 2014 Galiya Ibragimova, specially for RIR

Russia’s Justice Ministry, which has the right to declare organizations “foreign agents” without their consent, has added a significant number of NGOs to its list

Citizenship procedures simplified for foreign investors

October 8, 2014 Nikolay Litovkin, RIR

A new law speeds up the process for foreign investors to attain Russian citizenship. Observers interviewed by RIR believe that while the government's decision is timely, it will have little influence on helping Russia escape economic recession

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Karma Bhoomi

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Death of Christophe de Margerie raises questions over oil cooperation

October 22, 2014 Anna Kuchma, Galiya Ibragimova, Nikolai Litovkin, RIR

The CEO of Total was killed in a plane crash at Vnukovo Airport in Moscow on Monday. RIR reports on the tragedy and asks how the loss of its head will affect the French giant's joint projects with Russian companies

India, Russia discuss IT cooperation

October 22, 2014 IKS Media

Russian Minister of Communication Nikolai Nikiforov and Indian Minister of Communication and Information Technologies Ravi Shankar Prasad spoke about joint software development and the reduction of roaming costs on international calls within India and Russia

Scandalous conceptual artist now cuts off earlobe

Scandalous conceptual artist now cuts off earlobe

October 22, 2014 Alexandra Guzeva, RIR

Pyotr Pavlensky's latest action was preceded by performances in which he nailed his scrotum to the pavement and stitched his mouth shut. RIR explores the meaning behind his performance and recalls the artist’s other political actions

Suicide rate falls in Russia

October 17, 2014 Maria Fedorishina, specially for RIR

Although almost 29,000 people commit suicide in Russia every year, the country is no longer in the list of ten countries with the highest suicide rate. However, the country’s teenage suicide rate is the highest in Europe

New schools to train girls in virtue of nobility

October 15, 2014 Anna Trofimova, RIR

RIR reports on the purpose that so-called ‘institutes for noble maidens’ served in the days of the Russian Empire and what their modern-day equivalents are like

Siberia’s open air museums

Siberia’s open air museums

October 22, 2014 Anna Gruzdeva, specially for RIR

In the depths of the Siberian taiga, incredibly beautiful ethnic villages constructed of wood have survived, which have now been converted into national parks and museums. The combination of old wooden buildings and Siberian zest is breathtakingly beautiful

Ancient symbol of Russian resilience

October 13, 2014 William Brumfield, specially for RIR

After it was destroyed by the Mongols in the 13th century, Ryazan was totally rebuilt and boasts a number of historic monuments

The good old days of Russian tennis

The good old days of Russian tennis

October 21, 2014 James Ellingworth, specially for RIR

As other sports struggled to adapt to post-Soviet realities, tennis professionals took the most of the Yeltsin-era opportunities

Sochi F1 debut seen as a major success

October 14, 2014 Ilya Zubko, specially for RIR

The race won by Lewis Hamilton was acclaimed as a success, with famous drivers, journalists and the public lining up to pay compliments to the Russian organizers on their achievement

Daniil Kvyat all set for Sochi Grand Prix

October 11, 2014 James Ellingworth, specially for RIR

The 20-year old, who will take world champion Sebastian Vettel’s place on the Red Bull team next year, is eager to participate in the first race hosted by his native Russia

Maria Sharapova closing in on world number 1 ranking

October 10, 2014 Timur Ganeev, specially for RIR

Thanks to her victory at the China Open, the Russian glamour girl moved to number two in the Women’s Tennis Association (WTA) ranking, and could topple Serena Williams in the near future

Let America clean up its own mess in Iraq and Syria

Let America clean up its own mess in Iraq and Syria

October 23, 2014 Ajay Kamalakaran

Unless Russia and India’s interests are directly threatened by the Islamic State, they should stay away from the quagmire created by Washington’s reckless and foolhardy policies

Working together in renewable energy

October 19, 2014 Ajay Kamalakaran

A partnership between Russia and India in the development of renewable energy resources will help both countries in the long run

Welcome to the new world order

October 17, 2014 Rakesh Krishnan Simha

The IMF’s annual report confirms the future belongs to the BRICS, with western economic power declining faster than previously estimated

Leave politics out of the G20

October 13, 2014 Ajay Kamalakaran

Any attempt to isolate Russia from the grouping of the world’s 20 largest economies will have serious repercussions on global economic recovery and growth

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