Thrillers in contemporary Russian writing

Thrillers in contemporary Russian writing

June 30, 2015 Grigory Ryzhakov

RIR is reproducing an excerpt from a new guide to modern Russian literature, authored by the Britain-based Russian writer Grigory Ryzhakov

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Karma Bhoomi

Karma Bhoomi

Russian flavours

Russian flavours

Education in Russia

Education in Russia

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Business Beat


Russia’s best 3 RPGs

June 29, 2015 Denis Kungurov, specially for RIR

Russian rocket-propelled grenade launchers (RPGs) are among the best known weapons in the world

Little awareness of Russian market in India

June 26, 2015 Elena Krovvidi, RIR

Ravi Navlani, President of the Surya Group, an Indian textiles company, spoke about the logistical problems that beset the bilateral textile business in an interview with RIR

Language hurdle for migrants to Russia

Language hurdle for migrants to Russia

June 27, 2015 Alexei Stroganov, specially for RIR

Foreigners wishing to live and work in Russia have, since the beginning of 2015, to take an exam to test their proficiency in the Russian language and their knowledge of Russia’s history and laws

Books remain favourites

June 26, 2015 Marina Obrazkova, RIR

The printed book remains the most popular reading tool across Russia

Ayurveda carves a niche in Russia

June 25, 2015 Elena Krovvidi, RIR

Not only Yoga, but other holistic Indian ‘wellness’ practices are fast gaining popularity in Russia

Elephants from India for Crimean zoos

June 23, 2015 Alessandro Belli, specially for RIR

A ‘fairy tale’ exchange is set to happen with exotic elephants from India headed for Russia, while Siberian tigers, white lions, nasuas, llamas and Sajmirs will make India their home

Primakov and India

Primakov and India

With the death of Yevgeny Primakov on Friday, June 26, Russia has lost an outstanding leader who helped stabilise the country during the turbulent post

In Rostov Veliky: the soul of Russia

In Rostov Veliky: the soul of Russia

June 28, 2015 Olga Cherednichenko, specially for RIR

Rostov Veliky is undoubtedly a must-see place for Muscovites, Peterburgers and residents of large cities from around the world

Hidden treasures along the Volga

May 31, 2015 Fabio De Leonardis, specially for RIR

The meandering waters of the Volga capture the rich cultural history of Russia, from its Mongol Buddhist era to its European renaissance and after

Driving along the highway to Crimea

May 23, 2015 Bryan MacDonald, specially for RIR

What strikes you most as you drive from Anapa to Krasnodar, apart from the striking scenic beauty, is the road construction work

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